38% of e-commerce revenue is generated
during holiday season.

Below is our step by step guide on what you should setup.

1) Build your email list.

  • Fact 1: email marketing is responsible for 23-27% of all holiday orders.
  • Fact 2: 41% of online shoppers buy from a new retailer.

The above means opportunity for you. You should be collecting emails from new visitors to send them your sales emails.

Capture their email with lead capture windows like these.

2) Pre-schedule holiday emails.

  • Fact: on average 65% of Holiday emails are opened.

Be proactive and reach out to your customers. You can schedule your emails to go out at set time and date.

Make your emails amazing with our holiday email templates.

Sample holiday season email templates.

3) Exit intent promotions.

  • Fact: 74% of shoppers are influenced by discounts.

Don't let any visitors leave your site without buying. Using our exit intent window to offer a discount or promotion right before they leave.

  • Demo: try to move your mouse off this page (desktop only)

4) Retargeting ad tool to bring back valuable visitors.

Retargeting (RT) ads can recover up to 26% of visitors who bounce.

Our RT ads are setup to save you money by targeting only visitors interested in your product or service.

5) Continue sending emails.

It's the holiday season. When they are ready to buy, your website needs to be on top of their mind. Sending emails with your sales and promotion on a weekly basis keeps them aware of you.


6) Improve your posts & tweets.

Other url shortners don't give visitors any call-to-action (CTA) once they click and land.

Our Smart URL shortner gives them a CTA so when they click and visit, you are guiding their next steps.

Easy to setup.

Just add 1 line of javascript or use our Wordpress plugin to enable BigEngage on your website.


We can help you setup all of the above.
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