Email your visitors, customers, readers & fans
using our automated email platform.

Email is King of marketing.

Watch to learn why your business will grow with email.

Create beautiful & effective emails.

Our goal was to help you send your clients that are modern, high converting and ridiculous!


Choose from our email templates.

Don't code your emails. Just edit one of our beautiful templates.

drag and drop emails

Drag and drop email creator.

Our editor is easy for anyone to use. Watch this video.


Mobile responsive

Since the templates are mobile responsive you never need to design emails for mobile devices specifically.


Schedule when to send.

We will send your emails when you want them. See below.


Pre-schedule the date & time.

Design your email, select the contacts & schedule. We will send it as the pre-set date & time. Perfect for newsletters, sales emails or birthdays.


Trigger the email.

These emails are sent onlt when a contact does an action which is recorded in the free marketing CRM we provide you.

  • ex: trial sign up, 1st order placed, newsletter sign up, webinar sign up.

Send immediately.

Emails will be sent right away to the selected contacts.

Personalization & Fun.


Merge values about a contact from the CRM we provide. Use that to highly personalize every email you send.

Personalized emails make the reader feel that you wrote the email specifically to them, It reduces spam rates & makes the customer love you more!


Make your email fun and relevant to your audience with emoticons in your email subject line and email content..

personalized emails

Built-in marketing CRM.

Our powerful CRM is free and built into every account.


Stop using excels, or other CRMs to manage contacts.

  • upload your list once and manage contacts online
  • use our API to connect your user data to our CRM

Built with powerful features:

  • create user segments
  • view contact profiles
  • view contact site usage behavior

Spam & Bad email filter.


Check spam score before sending.

Improve your changes of getting into a contact's inbox by cleaning your spam content with our free Spam checker tool.


Bad email filter.

Your leads and customers will give you fake or incorrect emails. We can detect this and protect you from emailing any of them.

Spam and bad email filter ensures the email providers (gmail, hotmail, etc), like you as a sender and don't block you.

On-site email follow up!

You'll love this, read on...

Suppose you emailed 1000 contacts, only about 25% will open. The remaining 75% (750 contacts) could come to your site before opening the email. Oops, they came before they saw your emailed message!

No worries!

Use our entry & exit window to show those 1000 contacts a message that syncs with the content of your email. Watch the video to learn more.

Detailed Analytics.

You should know how each of your email campaigns performed.

Our reports are easy to understand and detailed.

  • # of emails sent
  • # bad emails
  • # of opens
  • # of click through
  • mobile vs desktop data
  • unsubscribes
  • and more...

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