URL shortner made for marketers to supercharge their posts & tweets.

The only URL shortner with:

  • call to action windows
  • lead collection, greetings, redirection & more.
  • email automation
  • exit intent windows
  • retargeting ad capabilities

Call to action entry windows.

When your visitors click on the shortened link and land, they need to know what to do next.

Most url shortners don't provide visitors any call-to-action (CTA) once they click & land. Visitors are on their own.

Our Smart URL shortner shows an entry window that contains your call to action. Now you are guiding them!

Use Call to action windows to ask a visitor to...

  • read a post
  • sign up for a newsletter, ebook, white paper
  • visit a page or view a promotion
  • register for an event or updates
  • view your app

Entry windows out perform on site built in forms as they are clearly visible without being aggresive.

Email automation.

  • Automatically sends an email to everyone who signs up via an entry window).
  • Never miss a newsletter again. Pre-schedule them.
  • Full reporting and analytics give you insight into email performance.
  • Emails are easy to create using our templates or drag & drop editor.
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Exit Intent Window.

Exit intent windows appears right as the user is about to leave your site. It's your last opportunity to engage with the user.

Use it to...

  • ask for their email
  • provide a discount coupon
  • display an exclusive video
  • visit your social network page

demo: try to move your mouse off this page (desktop only)

Exit Intent Window

Retarget valuable visitors.

Retargeting (RT) ads can recover up to 26% of visitors who bounce.

Our RT ads are setup to save your money by targeting only visitors interested in your product or service.

Analytics for full insight into link performance.

  • View total clicks
  • Conversion via link
  • New leads gathered
  • Demographical data

We can help you setup all of the above.
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