How to increase shares on blog posts

Are you active on social media sites like twitter, facebook, linkedin, medium, quora etc?

If so, you have visitors coming to your site from those platforms. These are highly interested users who took the effort to click and visit you.  But on land, your website may be making a big mistake. The mistake is that you don’t have any call to action.  You are expecting the visitor to figure out what to do on your website themselves.  It’s a cold drop into your site.

This will result in a lower # of actions on your website.

Let’s make the most of every visitor to your site.  Here is what we can do to help your website.  
We want to give each visitor to your site a Call to Action. 
Here is how to do this.
Step 1: Take the url that you want to post on the social channel and shorten it with the BigEngage Shortner tool. 
URL Shortner
Step 2: Make a call to action window like the one shown in the video below 
You are done. It’s as simple as that.
Take the shortened link and paste it into your social channels.  Now when someone clicks on the shortened link and visits your site, the Call to Action window comes up.  Your visitor knows exactly what to do because you greeted them personally and gave them a call to action.
You can setup many times of Call to action window.
For example:
Call to Action windows can simply greet a user, like this one.  


greeting pop up
Or you can collect a lead, like this one.  


lead capture pop up
Offer that visitor some kind of discount, like this one. 


prevent cart abandonment window
You can design your action any way you want. 
Check out this video for more information and step by step instructions on how to increase social shares with CTA windows. Once you’re ready to get started – Click Here