RSS email creator

How to Send RSS Feeds Through Email

RSS feeds are an easy way for you to publish blog posts and site updates that will automatically inform readers and subscribers of your new content. BigEngage makes this easy by pulling your RSS feed into auto-generated emails.

what is email marketing

What is Email Marketing and how to use it

Here is a simple example: if you’ve ever signed up for a newsletter or subscribed to a series of emails, you have been part of email marketing. But ,there is a lot more to email marketing, so let’s explore…

drip email marketing

How Drip Email Marketing Works

There are plenty of tools in a digital marketer’s toolbox, but few pay as many dividends as a solid Drip Marketing Campaign, sometimes referred to as a drip series of emails. Whether you’ve heard the term before or it’s completely new, we’re here to give you a solid overview of the benefits of email nurturing

meta tags

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are small lines of code that describe the content on a webpage. They help search engines understand what category the page belongs in, as well as a quick indication of its content and structure.

increase social shares

How to increase shares on blog posts

Are you active on social media sites like twitter, facebook, linkedin, medium, quora etc? If so, you have visitors coming to your site from those platforms. These are highly interested users who took the effort to click and visit you. 

We made uploading your CSV contacts easier!

This used to happen to us all the time.  We upload a customer list manually using CSV.  During the upload we would get errors.  But our system didn’t tell us what the errors were.  We are left digging around the CSV to see which record had


Great Email Subject Lines For Marketing

When you’re sending out emails from your business, whether it’s to existing customers, new leads, prospects, newsletter subscribers etc – there’s always one thing in common – how do you get them to open it?

valentines day email template 2017

How to Send Holiday Sales Emails

Sending Holiday Sales emails requires great timing, enticing offers, and automation. In order to generate the highest customer response and email click through rate, pre-schedule your holiday emails to be sent out at specific times when people tend to read their emails, such as mid

Exit Intent Pop Ups are SO Effective!

Exit Intent technology is gaining a tremendous amount of traction these days. By now you’ve most certainly have seen a pop up ad or offer when leaving a site. Why? Because pop up ads are really, really effective. Data has proven that some pop-ups can